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How I make my betting predictions

About a year ago I read about a very interesting betting theory concerning the teams’ alignment and using it as a method of making betting predictions. I have to say that this betting method helps me a lot today.

I separate the teams into four groups. In the first group I place teams that have some chance to become champion. The second group is for the teams that have chances to qualify for Europa League and the third group is kept for the teams that will probably finish in the so-called golden middle. This is the largest group. In the latter group, I put the teams that have the highest chance to be relegated.

It’s easier for me to label thebetting thoughts groups with different colours. I picked yellow for the most powerful teams. In orange are the contenders for Europa League and these in the golden middle are in green. The worst teams I’ve coloured in blue.

Now, where is the point of this arrangement? Generally it is used to track the performance of a team against other teams and groups. For example, a team can play well against the stronger teams, but not very well against the weaker opponents. Examples of these are as many as you want. So by tracking trends in the game of the teams I hope to gain greater success in my betting.

I personally track several parameters. Of course, the first thing I follow is the win, loss and draw performance of every team against their respective opponents. Also I follow the goal line or whether the matches will finish with over or under 2.5 goals total scored goals.

Another possibility to bet that I usually follow is how many goals will be scored in a match – under 2, 2 or 3 or more than 3 goals. I follow also goal/no goal lines and winning margin. In it I write down with how many goals a team wins or loses a match. It is very useful as it allows evaluating precisely the betting on Asian Handicap.

In general, I can say that this betting idea, which I read about years ago in one of the many betting forums, helped me a lot to improve my game and increase the success rate and profits from my betting. I use it mainly for the Premier League and rarely for the championship of Norway, as they are both the championships I mostly bet on.

If you like this post you will probably like the video below. It is about the math behind betting:

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